Carolyn Concho

Carolyn Concho-Lewis is a full blooded Native American Indian. She was born in 1963 into the Acoma Pueblo. She was inspired and encouraged to participate in continuing the long lived tradition of working with clay by several family members. However, Carolyn credits her older sister, Marilyn Ray-Lewis, with her decision to become an artist who only uses natural materials to construct her art work.

Carolyn specializes in hand coiled pottery using ancient traditional methods. She gathers her clay from within the Acoma Pueblo. She soaks the clay, cleans, mixes, hand coils, sands, paints her designs and fires her pottery outdoors. The colors used to paint her pottery are all derived from natural pigments and minerals also found within the Acoma Pueblo. Carolyn paints mimbres designs and animals on her pottery. She signs her pottery as: Carolyn Concho, Acoma. Carolyn is related to the following artists: Judy Lewis, Diane Lewis (sisters), Kathleen Lewis (mother), Bernard Lewis (brother), and Sharon Lewis (sisterin-law).

  • Southern Pueblo Pottery 2,000 Artist Biographies
  • Southwestern Pottery Anasazi to Zuni
  • Southwestern Pottery 1999 Edition
  • Beyond Tradition
  • Heard Museum Art Show 1st Place
  • Santa Fe Indian Market 2nd Place
  • Eighth Northern Pueblos Exhibit
  • Gallup Indian Ceremonial Honorable Mention
  • New Mexico State Fair 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place various years
  • 1999 Santa Fe Indian Market 2nd Place

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